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where a manhole blew up late this afternoon. when ktvu - when news chopper 2 first arrived, it was thought that one man was injured. but it turns out someone was hurt at another accident that happened just a couple blocks away. wal-mart is just one of a list of major retailers planning to open early and stay open late to lure in black friday shoppers. rob roth is live now in oakland where protesters are hoping to disrupt the search for those holiday bargains. >> reporter: we were with the protesters when they went inside shouting their demands. the protest is part of the nationwide campaign to pressure wal-mart into paying workers more and providing better
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benefits. the noisy but peaceful demonstration caught shoppers offguard. >> i understand the cause so i respect it. i'm for it, so i hope they get exactly what they're asking for. >> reporter: bravo is a custodian at wal-mart. he says he lives paycheck to paycheck, earning 9.85 an hour. >> we deserve more and i believe wal-mart should pay us more. >> reporter: wal-mart says its turnover rate is lower than the national retail average and that their benefit plans are as good or better than their competitors. >> we are here to respect wal- mart employees. >> reporter: the protest is part of a buildup to a plan beginning thanksgiving night and through black friday. some employees say they will walk off the jobs. in the bay area, the wal-mart stores targeted for demonstrations are in fairfield, richmond, and san jose. >> i plan to walk out on black friday too. >> wal-mart has the right to make money, but they shouldn't
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do that in an unjust fashion. they should make sure their employees are paid fairly and justly and don't live on the edge of desperation. >> reporter: wal-mart maintains it will be business as usual at all its stores and that shoppers will see nothing unusual over the next few days. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. shelters around the bay area are opening their doors to those in need this thanksgiving and a growing number of them are veterans. new at 6, john is live in redwood city with the help being offered this holiday to those who served our country in uniform. >> reporter: this is the maple street shelter where residents are wrapping up dinner here on the night before thanksgiving. 75 men and women live here, including those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. johnny served during the vietnam area. >> i felt like i was going to
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day. >> reporter: this has been amos's home since july. it's not where this veteran thinks he or the other two dozen vets who live here town. >> this doesn't feel very good, after you served your country and gave your best, put your life on the line. >> reporter: steve allen is a navy veteran. he too never thought he would end up here. but he says it is a lifesaver. >> reestablishing my connection with the v.a. and the services of the civilian world, i've progressed more than i have, boy, in trouble 25 years. >> reporter: william booker was in the army and was homeless, but now he has a lot to be thankful for since he has found a job and his own home. >> it feels good to have this place here for me, to help me to regroup and to get back on my feet. >> reporter: the network runs 18 facilities that has 6,000 people a year and 25% of them
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are veterans. >> i don't think you're really prepared to find a job and know how to talk about your skills, so those are things that i think our organization helps with. >> reporter: this shelter is for single people, but envision also has seven housing facilities for families, including veterans and their children. live in redwood city, ktvu channel 2 news. troops serving overseas this thanksgiving are also in need. in 15 minutes, the specific and inexpensive things you can donate to help make their holiday a little brighter. traditional thanksgiving meals are being prepared right now in san francisco. this is a live look at the churches, as volunteers prepare ahead of tomorrow's big feast. you can see the mayor there. by tomorrow morning, the line will probably be stretched around the block as folks come to get a nice thanksgiving
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dinner there at glide memorial church. and in 12 minutes, take a look. this isn't your traditional thanksgiving meal. the usual twist on a holiday that has become a north bay custom. holiday travel is well underway tonight as people hit the roads ahead of tomorrow's holiday. we want to show you a live picture right now at all that traffic along interstate 80 in emeryville on this wednesday night. it is slow going in both directions in this area. now we want to take you to the south bay. it looks a little bit better, a little bit more movement here. but, again, a heavy night of traffic as people get away for the holiday. aaa says it expects 5.4 million californians to travel 50 miles or more this thanksgiving holiday. and has live reports and apps. just click on the traffic tab at the top of our home page. a second san francisco
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sheriff's deputy is facing criminal charges tonight. david stevenson spoke to the attorney representing the deputy who is accused of attacking a woman. >> reporter: it began with a confrontation last month between neighbors on this black of san bruno avenue. now 36-year-old greene faces six misdemeanor charges, including criminal threats, possession of a deadly weapon and possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. >> really, the only thing she did wrong in this incident is she lost the race to dial 911. >> reporter: green's attorney told us she was simply trying to defend her sister in a financial dispute with a neighbor. >> she came up with a vicious dog, a golf club and a bunch of swear words. and really all she did was back off and say, hey, by the way, i'm a deputy sheriff. identified herself. >> reporter: at a court hearing yesterday, prosecutors say greene pulled out a personal
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firearm during the dispute. they refused to discuss the incident on camera today. she has since been reassigned to administrative duty. prosecutors say tong robbed this san francisco banearlier this month. >> it's my job to ensure that she does get a fair hearing and that the allegations against her are judged on their own merits. >> reporter: prosecutors have indicated they hope to reach a plea deal before the case goes to trial. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities say an oakland man apparently fell to his death in an old rock quarry while out looking for his cat last night. his roommate reported 19-year- old andrew malyon missing last night. he had been searching for his cat in the rain, near the rockridge shopping center. it's right next to an old quarry, which is now a
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reservoir. the cat was found safe. crews looked more andrew malyon for hours before they found his body. we are getting new details about a close call for a pilot of a small plane. he had mechanical airport from smith ranch airport yesterday morning. a san rafael fire official said the plane actually flew underneath the power lines before landing on its belly in a marsh. the pilot walked away with cuts and bruises. a fisherman discovered the body of solomon near the golden gate bridge. the coast guard recovered his remains. a stretch of san francisco's ocean beach could be shut down as long as a week because of a sewage spill. newschopper 2 is over the scene and brought us live pictures during our noon news. officials say at about 1 a.m., rainwater and sewage burst out
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of a manhole near balboa street. a half-mile area will be closed until crews can clean up the mess. the city of richmond will take a closer look at the rebuilding of chevron's burned- out refinery unit. the city council voted last night to examine the repairs that are being made. the move includes sharing all documentation with the public, plus chevron will be ordered to redo any work not approved by the city. firefighters in antioch today responded to an apparent flare-up in an apartment complex on monday. the latest fire was reported, on delta boulevard. fire officials say crews removed flammable insulation after monday's fire but it appears embers still burned in a hidden area. danville residents are gathering signatures to try to stop a proposed housing development that would include about 70 homes along blackhawk road.
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the group, save open space danville, says it would violate a measure approved by voters back in 2000. governor brown today added two new judges to superior court. one is a former state bar president and longtime civil litigator. williams is a staff attorney with the san jose-based sixth district court of appeal. both are democrats and both will earn more than 178,000 a year as judges. apple's new spaceship- shaped headquarters in cupertino won't be ready until 2016. it may take the city until june to complete its environmental impact report. it's a thanksgiving dinner,
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the likes of which you may never have seen. why all these people are waiting an hour in sausalito. also, the rain is gone. but fog is coming back. believe it or not, i'm tracking highs near 70 for thanksgiving. how warm it will get in your neighborhood, in just 7 minutes. but right after the break, an atv out for penguins, stolen from a christmas display. into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community.
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small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small.
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holiday vandalism isn't entirely unusual, but why would someone steal a set of penguins in a christmas in the park display in san jose? what happened at the park today. robert? >> reporter: as you can see,
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san jose's popular downtown event is really starting to take shape, with only a few days before it officially opens. but in the midst of all this color and holiday spirit, what people are calling the grinch spirit has struck. there were a lot of workers and volunteers in downtown san jose today, putting final touches on the city's annual christmas in the park. but one popular display remains unfinished, because the penguin flight school was vandalized recently and the penguins were stolen. they figure anyone who would do this... >> they might have resembled the grinch, maybe a little bit of a green skin color, some furry cheeks and a heart too small. >> reporter: fans of the penguins were upset. >> i think it's completely outrageous. it totally ruins the christmas spirit. >> reporter: but while we were there, an unexpected turn, as a worker rushed over. >> you found it? >> yes!
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it was in the information booth. >> reporter: one of the penguins was returned. >> i don't know the extent of where she found it, but i was told somebody dropped it off, so we got one of them. i think guilty conscious maybe. i would think so. people feeling guilty. stealing children's toys, that's pretty nasty. >> reporter: although the executive director checked to see if a penguin could still be attached to the display, they are still going to check. live in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. a policy known as ban the box is supposed to help parolees get work. it would prevent city vendors
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or contractors from asking applicants about prior criminal convictions. truckers waited for hours to get in the port of oakland today. a port spokesman says thanksgiving week is already one of their busiest times of the year but things are starting to get back to normal. american troops serving overseas have some specific needs this holiday season and a sacramento area woman is doing her part to help. lin soto has a son serving in afghanistan who told her troops there need things like baby wipes and socks. soto starting asking for those items from friends so she could create christmas care packages. >> there's different schools, neighbors in elk grove. >> soto's garage is now filled with those needed items. and on saturday, she plans to start filling those care packages. happening now, marin county restaurants are banding together to make sure the
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hungry are getting fed this thanksgiving. john fowler is inside this unusual feast that has become a holiday tradition. >> reporter: since i first told you about this at 5, the wait here at avatar's restaurant in sausalito has now grown to about an hour. people are here for a 24-year tradition of free sit-down pre- thanksgiving meals, including all the trimmings and wine and beer as well. now, it's not quite the thanksgiving treat that you might expect. this is something very special. the family here has been doing this for 24 years. the idea is they want to give something back to their neighborhood. right now i have with me kumar. 1100 meals, and you've been doing this 24 years? >> it's been 24 years that we've been doing this, and look at what i get out of it.
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it's all a blessing, the people, and we're so happy. >> and you have a wonderful amount of food here. >> this is a turkey enchilada and a pumpkin enchilada, a really popular dinner with us and everybody is enjoying it. >> reporter: people really seem to appreciate it. what do you think of the meal? >> it's fantastic, absolutely fantastic! >> unbelievable here! >> reporter: beautiful. thank you very much. the family here is promising to continue to serve people until 9:30 tonight. they say they still have enough food. so come down to 2650 ridgeway in sausalito. has a list of charities that need your help. just look under the hot topics section right on our front page. a break from the showers.
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right now, we've got a nice little clear sky out there. it's dark, and of course as we go into the evening hours, we're going to find fog showing up in some of these inland valleys. up toward napa, that fog is going to pull in and make traveling a little sketchy in the early morning hours. tonight, a wet ground. the fog is going to have an opportunity to form. as you get going tomorrow morning, the traveling in the inland bay valley will be slow. we are going to see fog north bay, east bay valleys and maybe even down towards morgan hill and out in san ramon. the recent rain has basically moved through. it's moisture on the ground. when you do that, you create an increased dew point. and when the temperature cools to the dew point temperature, fog forms. dew point is just a
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temperature. it's like a function of relative humidity. so when the dew point reach that, boom, you've got fog. so boom, we've got fog tomorrow morning and it's going to show up especially in the north bay, out towards vacaville, davis, south toward stockton, fresno and north into the marysville area. low-lying areas are where it forms best. as we go into the rest of the week, thursday and friday, and even saturday and sunday, pressure really dominates and temperatures could bump up to 70 in the warmest spots. we've got some good rain too. i showed you the percents of average earlier. there's the fog tomorrow morning in the valley. the model is showing it's here too. in the afternoon, most of that fog is gone and we see a few high clouds and then friday the fog is back. tomorrow, 66 in brentwood, 65 in san francisco. look at these numbers, warm,
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almost 70 in morgan hill, 70 in gilroy. your five-day forecast, no rain drops. it's nice. we got an inch of rain in some cases, so percents of average are good. coming up at 7, on tv 36, cleaning up a contaminated coastline. >> any time, you know, the next guy steps up, it's a good thing for the team. we will have that story for you at 7. also, some of you heard what happens in vegas stays in vegas. why that may apply to some moving there. join us at 7 on tv 36. alex smith opens up about his concussion. our sports director, mark, is up next. and tastes great! ive like champagne, martinelli's: since 1868.
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well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee. actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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mark ibanez there is one more thing to buy this black friday. the world series champion san francisco giants will begin selling single game tickets for the 2013 season. tickets will be available starting at 10 a.m. on friday morning for the
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giants game, in april, may, and june. they can be purchased on the giants' website or at any giants' dugout store. the 49ers have two great quarterbacks but not really a quarterback controversy. >> they don't want to call it that. they always shy away from that. but no matter who starts, this is going to be a great game on sunday. you'll see it on channel 2. the saints in new orleans hosting the 49ers. new orleans got their game back together. but everybody is wanting to talk about smith and kaepernick. quarterback controversy is not really in a coach's vernacular. they'll do anything to shy away from that. in fact, we still don't know who actually is going to start on sunday. alex smith, though, is certainly aware of the swirling conversation, we'll call it, that's around both of them. >> anytime, you know, the next guy steps up and plays well, it's a good thing for the team. let's not get this wrong. if this were any other position, it's a great thing. does it complicate things for me and colin kaepernick?
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yeah. the quarterback position gets a lot of attention. a lot is going to get written about it. it's part of the deal. but this is a good thing for this team. all right. you'll see it 1:25, starting sunday, right here on channel. meantime, did you hear about this kid who goes by the name of jack taylor? 138 points he scored in just 36 minutes. grinnell college in iowa. he hit 52 of his 108 shots. he took 71 three-point shots and hit 27 of those. and his team, by the way, beat a bible college. 138 points as far as i know. that's the most i've ever heard of one guy scoring in a game. i know some teams that wouldn't stand for that. >> pass the ball a little bit. >> knock him in the shins or
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something. we had a name for a guy like that. gunner. it's a story we've been on for weeks. we dug through piles of receipts to take a closer look at how businesses at the port of oakland run, and we uncovered the troubling new evidence of money being mishandled, and we asked, who is supposed to be keeping the purse strings in check? coming up at 10. and a reminder about our reporters and anchors being out at several shopping locations on black friday collecting new or used coats to give to people in need. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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